Unable to Celebrate Uniquely Shot “Unsane”

dims-9a95a704-4e4e-4c2c-96fc-711a8a2a7332Shot entirely on iPhone technology, and with a budget of $1.2 million,  Director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s 11, Logan Lucky, Erin Brockovich, Magic Mike) tries to offer a suspense thriller about a woman (Claire Foy “The Crown”) who has moved to another city to escape a stalker. She’s trying to reclaim her life, but she finds herself admitted into a psychiatric facility after she signed a form she didn’t fully read. It is at that point, she begins to see her stalker around every corner, and the audience begins to question what is real & what is in her mind.

This is an Interesting story concept, it’s a creative and interesting risk using iPhones to shoot the movie, and Claire Foy as lead is a nice choice –but that’s where the praise ends for me.

This film felt indie to the core (and not in a good way). The lighting was horrible; some 201819686_4_IMG_FIX_700x700shots were out of focus (and without purpose); the music/sound design choices were at odds with each other; most of the acting felt like exaggerated weekend theatre troupe wannabes; the pacing was horrible, and the film actually felt like a film fest reject. “Unsane” was only 1 hour and 38 minutes, yet I looked at my watch four times during the screening (that’s usually not a good sign for me). Oh, yeah, and there were several unanswered (and important) questions in the narrative. This film wasn’t worth the $1.2 million put into it, that is for sure.

I blame Soderbergh for going for style and experimentation over substance… and that’s what angers me here. A story about stalking, fighting for your story to be told (and believed), and a woman attempting to be heard above the noise … deserves much better than this outing.

I also believe with better attention to detail and production value, a great film COULD be shot on an iPhone. I just feel Soderbergh took the lazy and the easy way out.Unsane001-780x439

Even the Matt Damon cameo appearance as a home security expert couldn’t save this cheap attempt at cinema. “Unsane” is unbelievably bad and earns the usually unused grade of “D-.“


-Script by Noel T. Manning II

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