Take Five: Films to remind you that …Yep, It’s still winter

Yesterday, the Groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter. Like it or not, many in the USA this year have experienced their fair share of cold weather during a pretty brutal winter, and it looks like more is too come. So, I encourage you co put another log on the fire; curl up in your favorite chair; wrap yourself in a warm and cozy blanket; grab a cup of hot cocoa, and watch one of these following films that will remind you … that yes, winter is still alive and well:


The Gold Rush (1925) – I have never been as cold as when I watch Charlie Chaplin in this film classic. The film was rereleased in 1942, and earned Oscar nominations for best sound mixing and best original score.


Battleground (1949) – I can’t watch this war film without thinking of my grandfather Maj. Earl Reagan, who was a WWII veteran and took part in the very battle presented on screen. In this Golden Globe & Oscar-wining film, soldiers battle Nazis and the brutal winter.


Doctor Zhivago (1965) – a period piece featuring horse drawn sleds, a frozen castle & some very, very chilly wintery scenes in Russia (1917-1922). Oh yeah, and one of my mom’s favorite films.

Fargo (1996)This film reminds me:

  • Where not to go in the US during the winter
  • Why I will never borrow a wood chipper from William H. Macy, and
  • Why I find Frances McDormand so wonderful…

Snowday (2000) A coming of age family comedy that offers the message … that “anything can happen on a Snow Day” … especially when schools are closed. Chevy Chase, Chris Elliot & Iggy Pop embrace the ice, snow and cold in this wintery-fave of mine. But a word of caution… stay away from the snowplow man.

script by Noel T. Manning II

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