When Men Were Men

by Noel T. Manning II

last-man-club-LMC_Corbin_2mb_rgbDirector Bo Brinkman‘s Last Man Club offers a funny and poignant road trip dramady about a World War II veteran escaping the destiny of forced retirement home living in search of friendship’s past. when Eagle (played by Jim Mackrell) discovers that the life he once knew has long-gone, and he may be forced to nearly exist, he chooses one last adventure and travels the US searching for old war buddies. Along the way he develops an unlikely friendship with Romy (played by Kate French), a young woman escaping an unwanted past, present, and future of her own. The friendship gives fuel to a wild and crazy journey complete with car chases, airplane crashes, shoot-outs & the search to reignite life’s meaning when one discovers things didn’t quite turn out like you planned.

This is truly a sweet story of friendship (old and new), and it explores morality and last-man-club-Presskit-5-Jim-MacKrell,-W_rgbmortality and offers the simple lesson – “Growing old ain’t never easy.” Last Man Club offers an interesting perspective on the choices we all have to make as we age, or as we see those we love age around us. It is a film filled with humor, beautiful scenery, and an excellent story of the power of friendships and commitment. The film is a cross between “Grumpy Old Men”, “Thema & Louise”, and “Cocoon” and offers a wonderful salute to those who serve in America’s armed services past and present, and reminds us that  a war-time experience is a difficult thing to survive, but so is coming home.

last-man-club-Eagle_and_Will_having_a)_look_at_an_old_stearman_ bi-plane_rgbFamiliar faces fill out the cast including Barry Corbin, William Morgan Sheppard, Richard Riehl & Jake Busey. Last Man Club was written, produced, and directed by Bo Brinkman. It is a film Brinkman says has been in the works for decades and was the film that nearly never happened. Check out the interview below for the full story.

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