A Mountain of a Film Challenges the Very Idea of Man vs. Nature

By Noel T. Manning II 

“Everest” is a disaster drama that literally took my breath away. This is a fascinating true-story of survival in the midst of insurmountable odds on a peak known as Mt. Everest. This film captures the fear, suffering, challenges, and the real-life conflicts of man vs. nature, and man vs. self, in a way I haven’t seen on film in quite some time. Based on the books “Left for Dead” and “Into Thin Air,” “Everest” is visually stunning, and captivating.

Everest-Movie-2015-Jason-Clarke-Rob-HallThe film starts off with a slow how-to story filled with some methodical character development, but at the midway point launches into a different kind of film altogether. It is a conflict of landscapes as well with grand magnificent snow swept mountain vistas combined with the claustrophobia of being trapped under those same mounds after devastation hits a climbing party attempting to scale the monstrous peak.

Everest-Movie-2015-Jake-Gyllenhaal-Scott-FischerA film of three acts, we see the challenge to survive dominate act three. It is not a film that is primarily a character-driven piece, it is more about the story of nature, and it’s power – and the reality that sometimes conflicts can, and will overcome the character.

From a visual perspective, this is a film that should be watched on the big screen if at all possible (and the bigger, the better). If you have a chance to catch this in Imax – do it! The richness of the cinematography, the power of the story conflicts, and the raw realism of the mountainous scenes shine without flaw.


The stellar cast features  Josh Brolin, Robin Wright, Sam Worthington, Keira Knightley, Emily Watson & Jake Gyllenhaal. “Everest” runs 121 minutes & is Rated PG-13 for intense peril & disturbing images

I’m giving “Everest” an A- on the Cinemascene report card. It is a feast for the eyes.

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