Taking the Road Less Travelled


by Noel T. Manning II

“The Road” is a film about the love between father and son and the power of hope in a world of desperation, loneliness, fear, and human chaos. When humanity loses the ability to distinguish between right and wrong – how can good overcome evil? It can only happen when humanity’s moral compass remains true.The_Road_movie_poster

“The Road” offered great acting from Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-Mcphee as a father and son searching for something better at the end of “the Road” as they travel through a very dark and dead world. It is a world filled with cannibals, thieves, murderers and ordinary survivors trying to find their place in what is left of the post-apocalyptic world.

The stark, cold, raw, and destroyed gray landscapes of this America are brilliantly delivered by Director John Hillicoat and his crew. Cameos by Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce offer the final touches to a well-done film that hits on several cylinders. There were also great choices of background music scattered throughout the film to paint the desolation and sadness of a lost and hurting world.

The_Road_2_LUltimately “The Road” is a film about parental instinct and survival at any cost. If faced with this question – What would you do in a world where chaos rules and your only true goal in life is to protect your child from harm? How would you handle that situation, and to what extent would you go to make sure that your child outlived the danger and the “evil-doers” around every corner.

What is amazing about this Cormac McCarthy story is that we witness true human tragedy and true hope for human kind within the lives of this father and son. It is a character-driven story that offers the conflicts of character vs. nature, vs. the unknown, vs. character and vs. himself all rolled into one amazing film.

“The Road” gets a solid “A” on the Cinemascene report card.

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